Getting your song ready for you to be published.

Getting your song ready for you to be published.

I will mix and master your song for you ! (in a 2 days time!) 

I will get your vocals ready for you, Im going to : 

  • Perfectly tune your & correct your vocals (note by note).
  • Add EQ, compression, reverb, delay, echo...
  • Will double your vocals, give them more depth and make them sound more professional.
  • Possibility of adding FXs.
  • Make some EQ improvements on your instrumental track if that's necessary. 
  • I can also record electric guitar for you. 
  • Get the volumes ready. 

==> Finish your song / cover. 

What Im gonna need from you in order to get the work done : 

  • The vocal track / tracks you want ready for your song or cover (must be recorded with decent mic. / decent quality) with no effects or anything on them. I need RAW vocals, recorded and sent in MP3 or WAV format. 
  • The instrumental track you're going to use in your song or cover in WAV or MP3 format aswell.

What you'll get : 

MP3 (320kbps) and WAV tracks for the final result of your song / cover that's ready to be published or added to your video if you're making one.

Please feel free to contact in case you want to ask me something or talk to me, or wish to change something, Im your friend! 


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